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Investigation & research

Investigation & research

  • Researches into Inhabited Islands
    We study the island history, geological features, custom, land animals and plant, and marine life of the inhabited islands around Jeju (Gapa-do, Biyang-do, Chuja-do, Udo, Mara-do).
  • Geological Research into 253km coastline of Jeju
    We explored the coastline of Jeju between 2000 and 2003 to record the geological features of Jeju coastline as well as its cultural remains and ecological environment, and life of Jeju People.
  • Earth Surface Investigation of Cultural Remains
    We preformed the basic research to determine whether the areas to be developed have the cultural remains or not, and to study these areas' history, antiquities and custom, bringing about five excavations and 12 earth surface investigations.
  • Research into Village Sacrificial rites
    We research the village sacrificial rites?to wish for its well-being?performed in Jeju's settlements.

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