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The First Folk Exhibitions

The First Folk Exhibitions

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There are two halls for the display of Jeju folklore. In the Folklore Exhibition Hall I, you will see the changes in lifestyles of Jeju Island and the life of Jeju people with 2,381 items. It is a very useful space for those who are interested in Jeju Island since the collection is based on the folklore of jeju Island. It also plays a very important role to general visitors in helping them to understand the ancient life styles on Jeju Island.

The people of Jeju Island are shown to have led a rather simple life compared to those on the mainland through the serial displays of a life from birth to growing up, to ceremonies including weddings, the sixtieth birthdays, funerals and ancestor worship.

The hall provides a complete picture of the lives of the people of Jeju Island through the displays of housing, clothing and food. Moreover, a ritual or an exorcism called Youngdeung Goot is displayed here. Youngdeung is the god of the seas and fishery for the fishermen along with women divers of Jeju Island. The old woman Youngdeung is believed to come to Jeju Island every first day of February of the lunar calendar and sow the seeds of grains and marine products all over Jeju Island for fifteen days. Huge sacrificial ceremonies of Youngdeung Goot are performed both to welcome, and say goodbye to, Youngdeung.

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