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Marine Exhibitions

Marine Exhibitions

As Jeju Island is located in the southernmost tip of Korea, it is a fish spawning ground and wintering ground. Also, it has the only ocean in Korea where subtropical living things and those in the frozen zone can co-exist, and it displays fish, marine plants and shellfish living in the ocean. When entering the exhibition hall, visitors can see skulls of big or small whales. The exhibition hall displays the sole exhibition stand in order for visitors to watch 3 pieces of dolphin's frames from various angles with the video image of Jeju Bottlenose dolphin.


At the center of the exhibition hall, there is a 13m-long frame of Bryde's whale found and stuffed in Jeju in 2004. By using a reactive system on the floor, visitors can feel more friendly with the whale. And, it displays marine animals and plants which live in Jeju's ocean such as symbiosis of large-sized herring kings, human and sea, and anemone fish, a friend of sea anemones, and displays marine plants, large-sized fish specimens, soft coral, herring kings, whale sharks, bone sharks and string rays with underwater diorama and description panels.

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