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Cultural assets are widely scattered across the peninsula.

The cultureal assets associted with Jeju describe the unique cultural heritage, nature of the of the islanders and natural features.

The blending of our ancestors' indomtable pioneering spirit resulting from their continual stuggle against the the hardships of isolation and the spirit of Sammu which refers to the lack of beggars, thieves and gates with their spirit of frugality propelled cultureal development.

The formation process of Jeju island, different from that of the mainland, and its insularity caused Jeju to have the peculiar geographical distribution of plants and animals.

It has been 21 years since the museum opened in 1984. As the only folklore and natural history museum in Korea, the Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum investigates, researches and exhibits folklore remains and natural historical materials collected across from Jeju.

Jeju island's nature and culture can be seen through the exhibition : a Jeju Islander's life-span including birth, marriage, the sixtieth birthday, funeral and memorial service ; the formation process of Jeju island ; folklore relics of garments, meals and housing. Moreover, the natural history exhibition hall shows the geographical and petrological features, marine organism, animals and plants.

It will be a useful photo guide book for visitors or those who are interested in Jeju cultural assets by classifying systematically the various collections and displayed materiasl.

We hope that this site will be helpful to your understanding of Jeu folklore and natural history.

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